Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a bustling Southern California town and the heart of the country’s movie and TV industry. Just off its Hollywood Boulevard logo, studios like Universal, Paramount and Warner Bros. offer fascinating behind-the-scene tours through their many complexes. On Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre shows off celebrities’ footprints, hand-and-footprints and memorabilia, while restaurants display menus with unique commemorative offerings for film-goers.

There’s so much to see in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood, a city that, for many people, begins and ends with the famous green-screen doorways of Hollywood. But the cultural centre of Los Angeles is often even more enjoyable. Fashionistas stroll the Fashion District downtown as fashion gurus hawkish boutiques sell everything from fur coats to Gucci handbags. And the Fashion District is home to the first street walk in Los Angeles; it runs along Rodeo Drive between downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Of course, nowhere in Los Angeles is more than the Santa Barbara region. Here, world-renowned chefs create masterpieces every day in kitchens and public spaces. Besides hosting the annual Academy Awards, Santa Barbara is one of the most popular places to live, visit or do business in the United States. There are two main reasons for this: the highly sought after Pacific Ocean views and the strong presence of well-known designers like Yachtsman Tom intervening in Santa Barbara’s shopping and dining scene. Los Angeles and the Santa Barbara area are the epicentres of the hipster and beach culture in the United States.

One of the largest cities in California, Los Angeles attracts nearly a quarter of the total population of any city in the nation. Known affectionately as “The City by the Sea,” Los Angeles has long boasted a proud identity as the second most populous city in the United States. As it is today, with a focus on academic and scientific achievement, industry and service, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles is synonymous with quality, chic and diversity. From Hollywood to downtown Los Angeles, people from all walks of life live, work and raise their families.

Known throughout the world for its warm, sunny weather and cultural diversity, Los Angeles truly is the crown jewel of Southern California. There is no place else in the country where you can witness such diversity and beauty. And with such a wealth of activities, events and attractions, Los Angeles and the California region serve as entertainment, tourist and climate hub for the whole nation. With such a heavy regional emphasis, Los Angeles and the California cities are constantly teeming with visitors, many of whom fly into this area to take advantage of all there is to do and see.
The Los Angeles area, which includes Hollywood and the downtown area, is home to some of Hollywood’s most famous names, such as Walt Disney, L.A. Voortman, Vincent Van Gogh, J.J. Loebos, Marlon Brando, Mandy Patinkin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis.

To the west is the San Diego-based city of San Luis Obispo, home to world-class resorts and beautiful beaches. To the north is the wine country of Napa Valley, while to the south is the well-known Santa Barbara area, home to the San Diego Zoo and several other popular attractions. The Los Angeles Metrolargic freeway, which links Los Angeles to various other regions, connects Los Angeles with San Diego and Bakersfield, California, with the Pacific Ocean serving as its border. Besides being the densest metropolitan area in the U.S., Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the state, following only Sacramento.

Los Angeles and its suburbs also happen to be one of the most ethnically diverse in the entire nation. Most people who live in the metro area are Hispanic, but there are many Asian and Jewish residents. The largest Asian community can be found in the suburb of Downey, where there are over 40% of the population. Some other very sizable populations can be found in Carson City, Inglewood, Oxnard and Carson. In addition, there are many Middle Eastern and Native American communities in and around Los Angeles, placing it as one of America’s leading sources of diversity when it comes to race and ethnicity.

As for Hollywood, it is hard to beat the beautiful downtown, Los Angeles. Many famous names come out of the city, including Apple Computers, Skywalker Sound, Walt Disney, Rodeo Drive and Sony Computer Entertainment. For movies, you can find all the major studios like Disney, Lions Gate Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros., all in the downtown area of Los Angeles.