Hiking in Vail

Vail, a resort town within Eagle County, Colorado, United States, is a popular mountain resort destination. The average population of this town was approximately 4,835 as of 2021. The city, host to Vail Ski Resort, currently hosts several different events each year, including the Vail Film Festival, Vail Resorts Winter Days, and the famous Vail Film Festival. These events can attract hundreds of thousands of people. The average annual visitor to Vail is over 45, making it one of the most famous mountain resort destinations in the entire world.

One of the reasons Vail is so famous is that it has a relatively low cost of living compared to other mountain ski resort destinations. Vail also offers various recreational activities and programs for people of all ages and abilities. There are four ski resorts in Vail; Mount Vail, Heavenly Mountain, Beaver Creek, and Green Gulch. At any given time, you can find an exciting mountain activity to participate in.

Because of Vail’s climate and natural landscape, it can enjoy an almost continuous outdoor temperature year long, which is perfect for alpine skiing or snowboarding. The outdoor spas are another attraction that you will not want to miss out on if you are planning a trip to Vail. There are several well-known spas such as Silverton, Sunshine Valley, and Mount Vail. These spas rejuvenate and reenergize you after a long day on the slopes or just relaxing in your environment.

For those looking for a great way to spend their vacation, one Colorado Mountain Resort has that perfect mountain getaway: Vail. With an abundance of outdoor activities on any given day, Vail offers more than a mountain trail. A variety of lodging options and even condos for rent make Vail into a nice getaway for those who want to escape the everyday grind. Here are some Vail hiking and biking trail tips for beginners and those intimidated by the trails.
Gravity Haus One of Vail’s most popular hiking destinations, Gravity Haus is prime for cross-country adventures. Enjoy these Vail Mountain hiking and biking trails and glide out the door onto the trail without fear and with brilliant ease. Eastbound on the Mountain Pass Trail, you’ll find a plethora of parking areas and restroom facilities.

Lone Star State Park Hiking While this park does have hiking trails. They are not as long or as challenging as the Longitude Trail. You will, however, be close to some of Vail’s family attractions, such as the Vail Village and Museum. If you would rather skip the hiking and stay on the trails, be sure to pack a tent because you’ll likely want to stay overnight. There are picnic areas, campgrounds, and rental cars nearby. You can even book a cabin at the Lone Star Lodge. Bring your water.

Colorado Hiking Gear, The best hikes in Vail, require the use of good hiking gear, so bring plenty of layers, boots, and gloves to keep you warm and dry. Don’t forget your rain gear, sunglasses, and cell phone to make a quick call if you encounter any wildlife on your way up or down the trails. Water, food, and some cash can make your trip very affordable.

East Vail/North Vail Mountain Bikes Rent a mountain bike and venture out on the trails that branch off from the base of Mount Vail. These bikes are very versatile and allow you to get up higher than you might be able to on a road bike so that you can explore more of the scenic areas around Vail. The trails also offer great views of the lake and surrounding mountains, and you’ll find them very challenging.

West Vail/North Vail Mountain Bikes The fastest and easiest way to get around Vail is on a mountain bike. The Vail Area School District maintains the trails in West Vail/North Vail. Kids are encouraged (but not required) to wear a bicycle helmet. This helps reduce injuries and protect the brains of children at an increased risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Helmets are also recommended for anyone new to biking and have not developed a regular cycling routine. Since bikes are more accessible for beginners to ride than treadmills, it’s a good idea for the elderly and children to start young with a bike.

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