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Kudadoo Maldives Private Island– Luxury All inclusive

Kudadoo is a small independent island and the largest of the Maldives Private Islands. It is just a couple of hundred kilometers from the capital island of Male. This private island has been built into a holiday resort with all-inclusive amenities. There are plenty of resorts in Male, but there are none as luxurious as Kudadoo. At Kudadoo, you can experience paradise like never before.

There are seven resorts in total on the Kudadoo Private Island. These are the Leela, Serena, Sunset, Rainbow, Sunset, Laum, and finally, the Coral Reef. All of them offer a luxurious stay with the best in Maldives luxury and sun! The food is exquisite, and the staff is friendly and helpful. There is no need to leave the island and explore the other islands on your own because all-inclusive packages include everything you need.

My family and I had our first experience of an all-inclusive package at the Sunset Resort. This resort caters mainly to those traveling to Male and do not care to shop in Male Town. The only thing they have in store for you is a beachside resort, with a swimming pool!

We were pleasantly surprised by the various activities we could choose to participate in. We opted to take a trek to the top of the volcano, which can be done with several different methods, including trekking poles. On the way back, we had the opportunity to try our hand at some water sports such as snorkeling. The coral at the bottom is extremely colorful, and it is easy to see why the resort is named ‘the coral bay.’

My husband and I didn’t want to leave our three children behind, so we decided to take them to the island’s local zoo. They had a blast playing the animals in the sand area, and my husband even managed to get his hands a hold of one of the rare species of monkeys! The staff at the zoo were extremely helpful and did not charge an admission fee, but the cost is still a little bit on the pricey side for something relatively short. On the plus side, we got to enjoy a wonderful meal before we left. We were given lemons to squeeze into our faces after the children finished their fun at the zoo.

The Blue Lagoon is another beautiful destination located near the resort. We tried Scuba Diving and learned that it is possible to dive at any time, but the water temperatures were still warm enough for us to swim. It was also a lot of fun to watch the hundreds of colorful marine animals dive into the lagoon. We stayed for a few hours and then made our way back to the private island.

We chose to spend two nights on the Kudadoo Private Island Luxury all-inclusive resort. The accommodation was spacious and comfortable, although the view was not as fantastic as we would have liked. The resort also provided complimentary breakfast each morning. On the plus side, the personal care that goes into all of the resorts is incredible. Once inside the villa, you are in private surroundings, and the staff is very kind and caring.

The villas have full internet access, and we were able to stay up to date with the latest news and gossip about the island and the country. In addition, there was also a full lounge and dining area that was situated within walking distance of the swimming pool. The entertainment in the villa was excellent; music played in the evenings, movies on DVD, and even occasionally live music performed by the island’s bands. Overall, we had a wonderful vacation that we will be back in the future to enjoy again.

The Beach House Collection at Siyam World- 24 Hour Premium All-inclusive

Renowned architect Frank Gehry designed the Beach House Collection at Siyam World. This five-star hotel is perfect for a retreat, wedding, or honeymoon. Here you can enjoy the natural sceneries and relaxing ambiance of the area. The Beach House Collection at Siyam World features villas with the most recent technological advances like the state-of-the-art whirlpool spa, in-house fitness center, business centre, and poolside bars and restaurants. In addition to all these, many other facilities make your stay more exciting and comfortable.

The Beach House Collection at Siyam World is a five-star facility. Here you can enjoy the natural sceneries and relaxing ambiance of the place. The architecture of each villa is based on the finest traditions of Thailand. Each villa has its terrace or private verandah with a private plunge pool. In the Beach House Collection at Siyam World, you can have the feel of living in an oasis.

The beach house is conveniently located near the airport and train station. You can reach your hotel easily with the help of a taxi or a bus. The best thing about this beach house is that it has twenty-four hours of room service. The staff at the beach house will assist you with any trouble or question you may have. You can call up the hotel or send a message through their website, and they will return your call.

There are two kinds of rooms available in the beach house. The first is the deluxe room. You can enjoy staying here with its spacious private verandah and oversized bed. The second kind of room is the standard room, which is slightly smaller than the deluxe room.

When you pay a visit to the Siyam World beach house, you will be greeted warmly by the staff. They will also take care of you throughout your stay. The food served at the beach house is of the finest quality. You will find authentic Thai dishes as well as Western delicacies. There is fresh seafood and seafood served on the buffet daily.
The beach house has five restaurants. You can choose from vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The buffet offers International cuisine and Chinese, Japanese, and Continental dishes. The beach house also has a variety of snacks for you to enjoy while relaxing at the beach.

The Siyam World collection also includes two theme parks and several other attractions. The Sea World presents live marine life like fish and sharks. At the same time, the water playground provides visitors with the opportunity to splash in the water. The Aquarium House is an interactive collection where you can learn about different marine animals. The Petting Zoo is a unique collection where you can hold other animals like cats, dogs, and birds.

The Siyam World collection also offers shopping opportunities. The shops are located near the beach house, and you can browse through the local designer boutiques. The shops provide replicas for traditional Thai furniture, and they are sold at affordable rates. The beach house also serves as a shopping hub, and many stalls sell local designer brands.
The Siyam World’s other collections include the Nathon Water Park and the Thailand Grand Palace Convention Center. The Nathon Water Park offers fun rides, games, and more for kids. The Thailand Grand Palace Convention Center is ideal for business travelers. The convention center serves as a venue for various seminars and meetings. The beach house also offers elegant accommodation, and you can relax in this luxurious resort.

The beach house also offers different types of accommodation that come in various price ranges. You can choose from guest houses, bungalows, and serviced apartments. There are also many luxury villas available for those who want a taste of foreign elegance. The villas have private pools and living areas. The villas also have dedicated staff that makes your stay comfortable and convenient.

The Siyam World collection also includes a water park. This amusement park offers exciting attractions such as wave runners, jet skis, waterslides, and much more. The park has been built with the world’s best design and technology. The entire collection is designed to give you a unique shopping experience. The beach house collection at Siyam World is perfect for anyone who loves shopping. You can find anything you need here, from sunglasses, jewelry to electronics.

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