Kurumba All Inclusive Resort Maldives

Kurumba Maldives

One of the most luxurious and well-known hotels in the Maldives is Kurumba Resort Maldives. This island paradise is a renowned destination for families, honeymooners, and a wide range of other vacationers. This luxurious property has become a household name among visitors to the country.

In addition to offering competitive rates and a heavenly ambiance, Kurumba also boasts an excellent location and a fleet of boats for frequent trips to and from the airport.
The hotel staff will assist you with any arrival or departure details at Kurumba. The property is also close to the Male International Airport and offers its guests at no extra charge.

The resort offers a great range of dining options and hospitality services. A stay at Kurumba will ensure an unforgettable holiday for you and your family. The staff at the hotel will be happy to greet you and guide you through the entire process.

The Kurumba Maldives is a top-rated luxury hotel in the northern Male Atoll. Its amenities include an array of activities and facilities. For example, the resort offers a Castaway Picnic on a remote sandbank. Its eight restaurants and bars offer international cuisine, as well as a variety of spa treatments. The spa is a popular spot for rejuvenation.

Located on a private island, the Kurumba Maldives has two conference halls and nine restaurants. The Bougainvillae Hall is the largest in the hotel and is 420 sq. meters. It offers seven cuisines. The restaurant has a separate kids pool for children. The resort also has an infinity pool that is located on the beach. The onsite beach is ideal for small functions.

The Kurumba Maldives is a great place to enjoy a romantic getaway with your loved one. The resort is also ideal for business travelers, as the location is convenient and the resort is located near the airport. Its facilities are suitable for both corporate and leisure guests. The three restaurants are located next to each other, ensuring that there will be no conflict in the event of an emergency. There is no need to worry about a delay or a missed flight.

Apart from the main restaurant, the other restaurants are located on the two islands. The Spice offers a wide range of international cuisines, including Indian, Mediterranean, and Chinese. The Island also features an outdoor swimming pool, a kid’s area, and a spa. There are 180 rooms at Kurumba Resort Maldives. The resort’s main dining hall is The Spice. Its bar serves delicious dishes. The Baani Spa is the Island’s main buffet restaurant and serves cocktails, meals, and other delicacies.

The Superior Room at Kurumba Resort Maldives has a view of the ocean. The Deluxe Bungalow also includes a private pool. The superior room offers a great view of the ocean and is spacious. Its facilities include a spa, and it also has a kids’ play area. Besides, the Deluxe Bungalow is set in a tropical coconut grove. The Two Bedroom Beach Pool Suite is available for families.

The Royal Kurumba Residence has two swimming pools. The beachfront residence has a sun deck and a waterskiing area. The hotel also offers several activities. The two-bedroom Royal Kurumba villa is ideal for families. The resort has many activities for children. Moreover, the hotel’s signature treatment uses hot sand. The other rooms feature massage tables and a spa pavilion. The spa has a lounge and a gym.

The resort has many services that suit the needs of families and couples. For instance, the poolside restaurant is open 24 hours a day. The resort has a gift shop and has 24-hour medical assistance. The main restaurant, Madivaru, features grilled seafood and offers a wide variety of options. In addition, the hotel also has a sand floor with a white roof. The dining experience is also intimate and romantic.

The resort’s specialty restaurants include a Lebanese restaurant and a Thai specialty restaurant. It also has an Indian specialty restaurant. All the rooms have air conditioning, a refrigerator, and a satellite television. In addition, there are several types of catering. Some of the accommodations have the breakfast-only option, while others have breakfast-only options. The dining options are also varied. The food is primarily fish-based, but there are plenty of vegetarian options.