Ritz Carlton Maldives Fari Islands

Opening in June 2021, the Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is the second luxury resort in the country. It is only 45 minutes from Male Airport. This four-island archipelago is considered a coveted beach destination, and the new property will welcome guests with open arms. The resort’s restaurants include two upscale options: the Ocean Grill and the Beach Shack. Guests can also enjoy a private island retreat.

The new resort is located on the Fari Islands, a cluster of 100 tiny islands in the northernmost part of the Maldives. The hotel is located in Fari Marina Village, which is part of the Velana International Airport. There, guests will find charming eateries and boutiques. The Ritz Carlton Maldives, a luxury resort in the Fari Islands, is the only Ritz Royce property in the country.

Located in the North Male Atoll, The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands has breathtaking views. The island complex offers luxury accommodations and an abundance of activities. Guests can snorkel, swim or simply relax on the beaches. Apart from snorkeling, canoeing, and diving, the resort also provides a spa. The spa and gym have world-class facilities. The resort’s staff is ready to answer all your questions.

A vacation in the Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands can be both romantic and relaxing. There are several dining venues for every taste, from a traditional Chinese restaurant to a fine Italian restaurant. In the morning, you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast. At lunchtime, the restaurant’s menu is served. At dinnertime, you can relax at the Beach Shack and a tasty Italian dish.

Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands features a secluded and beautiful setting. Among the three resorts, the Ritz Benz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands, and the Bamford Signature Experience are exclusive experiences that provide a unique and rejuvenating experience. Besides the many relaxing benefits of the spa, the signature treatment menu of this new luxury hotel features seven distinct culinary venues. A gourmet menu is served in the hotel’s signature restaurants.

Located on three islands, the Ritz Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands is an integrated development and is a luxury resort with a zero-waste approach. The Ritz Carlton Maldives, Far i Islands is an overwater villa that is an overwater villa. The resort is a modern waterfront villa with private pool. The entire hotel is powered by solar energy.

Guests can enjoy the sun and sea breeze on the beach. Nearby, the luxury resorts feature a spa. During the day, you can choose between the two, and enjoy the sun and the water-based pool. The island’s beautiful tropical environment is reminiscent of the Mediterranean, where people have been relaxing and enjoying the island lifestyle. The deluxe and upscale amenities are a must.

Located in a remote corner of the Maldives, the resort is a popular destination for families and couples. The resort has been a favorite for many years. Since its opening, the Maldives has become a favorite vacation spot for honeymooners, and their guests have stayed here for more than a decade. Its minimalist, luxury design and personalized service make it a dream come true.

The Ritz Carlton Maldives has a strong partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau. The Maldives have become the world’s premier destination for luxury vacations. While the Ritz Carlton has a strong environmental responsibility, the resorts are also a place to experience the island’s culture. There are two beaches in the country: the Seychelles and the Maldives.

Located on a beautiful white sand island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, the Ritz Carlton Maldives has a private beach on the lagoon. The hotel has a small boutique, which is perfect for guests who are looking for a romantic getaway. The hotel also features a private spa for the couples. While it is a luxurious destination, it is not cheap.